Holistic analysis and evaluation of sustainable investments are pivotal to enable impact orientation in financial markets.

Sustainability is an established topic in the financial market. We promote measurability and comparability of sustainable investments. This is the basis for more impact orientation and transparency.


Scientific research and impact-oriented analyses in the field of sustainable finance form the basis for promoting the transparency of sustainable investments and investment products.


The FNG-Label is the quality standard for sustainable investment funds in the German-speaking world. The holistic methodology of the FNG-Label is based on a minimum standard. This includes transparency criteria and the consideration of labor and human rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption, as summarized in the globally recognized UN Global Compact.

Together with the non-profit association F.I.R.S.T., the research entity AIR takes over the independent review and assessment work for the FNG-Label from the University of Hamburg’s Research Group on Sustainable Finance.