AIR supports transformative change for globally sustainable prosperity.

The Advanced Impact Research GmbH (AIR) supports transformative change for global sustainable development.

Our guiding principle: financial flows should make a positive contribution to the transformation towards a global sustainable social and economic system. To implement this motive, we are guided by 4Ps:

Purpose, People, Planet, Prosperity.


Holistic analysis and evaluation of sustainable investments are must-haves to enable an impact orientation on the financial markets.

Sustainability is an established topic in the financial market. We promote measurability and comparability of sustainable investments. This is the basis for more impact orientation and transparency.


We want financial flows to be managed in a way that benefits people. We contribute to people being able to invest in a more informed way.


We make a selective contribution to directing financial flows to where they help solve environmental challenges.


Major global challenges require massive financing. Impact investments make an important contribution to reconciling wealth growth with environmental and social sustainability.