With our work, we pursue the goal of having a positive impact in terms of sustainability. The central lever for this is investments that make measurably positive contributions to solving environmental and social challenges. 

Financial flows do not only have an enormous potential but also bear a great responsibility when it comes to helping shape the shift towards global sustainable development. True sustainability in the financial market requires impact, transparency, and credibility. 

These three elements form the basis of our work. Our guiding question is: How can financial flows make a positive contribution to the global transformation towards a sustainable economic system? 

Our work is guided by 4Ps: 

Prosperity, Purpose, People, Planet. 


Addressing the major global challenges requires massive financing. Impact investments make an important contribution to reconciling economic development and prosperity with environmental and social sustainability. 


Ecological and social challenges must primarily be addressed through changes in the real economy. The financial market plays an important role in driving this transformation process. A strong commitment to impact orientation is therefor an important prerequisite. 


The human factor plays a dual role in sustainable financing and investment. On the one hand, as an affected party – financial flows should be managed in a way that benefits society. On the other hand, as an actor – investors need access to reliable information to make investment decisions. Transparency and credibility are therefore elementary for more sustainability in the financial market.


Most planetary boundaries have already been exceeded. Reversing this trend requires radical ecological innovations. These in turn can only be realized with the help of massive investments in environmental issues.